Interactive Floating Image by Light Field

Fusion of Real and Virtual Worlds Seamlessly: Natural Vision & Intuitive Interaction Experience for All

3D floating image with interaction

We go beyond conventional 2D vision and touch experience.

Lixel is a start-up company based in Taiwan. The tech we develop is "3D floating image with interaction."

The features of our technology include:

1. Flat panel type, highly integrable

2. Real 3D image, w/o visual fatigue

3. Naked eyes and oblique viewing angle

4. Interactive by gesture, 3D air touch and voice

With the advantages, its application capability is widely potential, from general display, consumer electronics to professional display. It’s easy to be integrated with existing N-product, such as laptop, smartphone, and game console, to create new applications and value.

Our vision:

With the founders’ collective expertise of light field technology, we aim to make the image more natural, intelligent and responsive than before, and thus more valuable to people.

Easy integration and broad applicability:

From hardware implementation to digital content generation, our technology and product are easy, interesting, feasible and highly integrable solutions to provide people with more natural vision and intuitive interaction experience.

Potential use cases include:

Virtual assistants and communication, infotainment applications within cars (Floating buttons to enhance e.g., safety, navigation), gaming and entertainment, online advertisement, online shopping